aace mdu solutions

co-operative units & condominiums

aace MDU Solutions deliver security, convenience, and smart building automation from the front gate to the lobby and into every residence on site. we satisfy the needs of builders, developers, property managers, and owners around the world.

owners enjoy convenient one-touch access to property amenities and concierge services, and can safely interact with guests and building personnel directly from their respective units. Individual residences can be automated and personalized just like any smart home, with intelligent lighting, climate control, smart locks, entertainment, and more, from one easy-to-operate system, managed by any interface of their choice, even by voice.

The line features property-wide video intercom communications, integration with lobby door stations, integration with SIP-based phones, concierge services integration, along with full building automation solutions for individual residences. Automate gates and garages, remotely monitor and manage cameras and security systems, and even receive service alerts when something requires immediate attention. Having a singular system to manage a number of units at once—as well as individual residences—is not only an additional selling feature, it also optimizes property efficiency.

building management

Property management software takes the stress out of this process, making it possible to manage all of those aspects of your property management needs in one convenient portal, saving you time and effort while making your properties more profitable

energy management

Control energy consumption by replacing thermostats, utilizing temperature sensors, occupancy detectors and a combination of devices to function together

network infrastucture

we ensure every building's wide network communications with prime networking equipment. our systems are capable of handling numerous apartments and multiple door stations. we keep you running smoothly all the time.


you can easily monitor cameras that are placed in your building. Video surveillance offers increased safety, prevents vandalism and theft, and monitors employees and daily operations. Our systems can be remotely accessible


We are licensed security installers. Our custom systems include Video, Burglary, Fire, Critical Station Monitoring, Central Station Monitoring, Hardwired & Wireless. Our systems are monitored 24/7 for rapid response.

keyless access

Instead of doling out keys to your pet-sitter, contractor or house guests, you can issue a virtual key. Instead of worrying about extra keys floating around that you lent out but never got back, you can simply disable access.

lock intergration

Mobile keys are more reliable than the familiar swipe card–and they don’t wear out or lose their programming! mobile keys are easy to implement, easy to control, and provide the utmost of safety and security.

shade control

Motorized window treatment systems also contribute to operational efficiency and cost savings. They reduce heating costs by keeping heat in the space during winter months or by allowing sunlight in to effectively utilize natural energy.

why work with aace

always ahead. always smart.

maximize roi

aace provides the tools and integrated technology systems that increase intelligence and change the game to maximize ROI, create building energy savings while reducing monthly costs

remote support

Your entire connected building is watched on a 24x7 basis with detailed views into each component and the health of connections, appliances and security systems. If there's a problem we can connect in and fix it

easy to deploy

aace designs are made to be simple to deploy and just as easy to operate. By keeping complexity in the background we let MDU buildings benefit from the results.

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