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Company Profile

Aace is cutting edge knowledge. We are old school in our approach. We listen. We think. We solve. We design. Aace delivers. We create and simplify technology solutions to help clients increase revenues without increasing overhead or operational expenses. We curate, integrate and orchestrate the best functions of best-of-breed software and hardware.

We build and deliver a self-healing technology ecosystem constantly monitored and calibrated by our 24/7/365 support system, our proprietary device and secret sauce that constantly evaluates our systems and obsessively fine tunes its function to make our customers’ needs always first.

We only select and incorporate the best in breed devices for our solutions and products. Like the most customized automobile manufacturers, we take the finest leathers, the best paints, the best engines and refined ergonomics. In the end, we offer the most comfortable, reliable and refined experience to our customers.

Our approach

Our systems’ stability and seamless integration of useful technology set us apart from any other large player. Most vendors and consultants are constrained by hardware devices that they either build, sell and design or by companies in which they have a financial interest. Even most of our competitors manufacture the devices they deploy–even when those devices are behind the current technological advances.

Our engineers are undeniably committed to using only the best products in each category. From the first iteration of our design to the last finishing touch, we deliver the best integrated technology systems. we stay ahead of the curve and test new ideas and technology and then incorporate fresh products into our tried and true smart technology systems.


What is a smart building?

A smart building is any structure that uses automated processes to automatically control the building’s operations including heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, security, networks and other systems. A smart building uses sensors, actuators and microchips, in order to collect data and manage it according to a business’ functions and services.

What can a smart building offer me?

Making these systems work requires supporting and monitoring a wide range of useful applications such as improved energy efficiency, access control, automated lighting, and home care. Your mobile device will let you control your intelligent home systems from anywhere, look in on your camera, lock your door or change the temperature.

Can I have my smart building?

We are an elite company that can convert any ordinary space/building into a smart one. Our power team is fully experienced and we can guide you step by step into any project you need. Just give us a call!

How much does it cost?

A smart building’s performance lowers maintenance costs and reduces environmental impacts. It is a fair investment for everyone.

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